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The Yukon Special Committee on Electoral Reform heard expert testimony and held public consultations for almost two years. During that time, Fair Vote Yukon called for a Yukon Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform that will look at the evidence and explore all possibilities for the Yukon.

Fair Vote Yukon is not advocating for one type of proportional representation. There are several excellent options that will deliver fair results for Yukoners and keep strong local representation. A process Yukoners can trust, public engagement and education is key.

Fair Vote Yukon supports the work of the upcoming Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform and encourages all Yukoners to engage with their Citizens’ Assembly!

Additional electoral reform resources you may find helpful:

Fair Vote Yukon’s submission to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform
Fair Vote Canada’s submission to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform (includes proportional representation models for the Yukon)
Fair Vote Canada’s website (general resources about proportional representation)
Research on proportional representation (summary of peer-reviewed articles on proportional representation and outcomes such as quality of democracy, economic performance, environment, health and social outcomes)

Electoral reform for the Yukon in the news

May 18, 2023: Yukoner shares insight from inside a citizens assembly

“Christensen-Toews viewed her participation on the national citizens’ assembly as an opportunity to listen, learn and discuss social media and the issues arising from it. She described it as a rewarding experience.

“What an opportunity to just be informed about a possible change in the future and to know all of the ramifications and potential of it,” she said.”

April 26, 2023: Yukon to form citizens assembly to study options for new voting system

Sue Greetham with Fair Vote Yukon said determining the details of the assembly is “critical.”

“How many people will be on the citizens’ assembly committee? Because it needs to reflect at least 19 districts,” she said. “And of course, even within each district, you probably need a couple of members that would represent their own communities so that we really bring together all Yukoners in this discussion.”

April 11, 2023: Majority supports creation of a Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform: survey report

“The majority of Yukoners support the creation of a citizens’ assembly on electoral reform in the Yukon, according to the results of a survey.

The survey conducted by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics sought Yukoners’ thoughts on forming a citizens’ assembly to assess electoral systems and recommend whether the current system should be kept or another system taken up.

February 27, 2023: The territorial government is asking Yukoners whether they want a citizens’ assembly on electoral reform

The territorial government is asking Yukoners whether they want a citizens’ assembly on electoral reform. That’s through a survey open to everyone in the territory. The assembly would be randomly selected. Members would be tasked with debating whether to change the territory’s voting system. For more on the case for a citizens assembly, CBC’s Leslie Amminson spoke with Sue Greetham of Fair Vote Yukon.


February 2, 2023: Here’s why electoral reform isn’t dead in Canada

“At the same time, far from the machinations in party backrooms, citizens in the Yukon are stubbornly fighting for their own democratic revolution. 

A tight-knit bunch, Yukoners understand the power of sticking together to beat the odds. As one reform advocate observed, “We do things differently here. I have come to believe that there is something in the water that brings out people’s best selves when the going gets hard, especially at -40 degrees.”

That “can do” spirit has brought a scrappy team of electoral reformers to the verge of a major leap forward.”

January 29, 2022: Electoral reform committee talks referendums with experts 

“Representatives heard from Fair Vote Canada on Jan. 26, a group that advocates for proportional representation, focused their presentation on the process of getting to electoral reform.

“Honestly, if the process doesn’t work then it will end the way almost every electoral reform event in Canada has ended, which is failure,” said executive director Anita Nickerson. “If people don’t trust the process, they will not support it. If they think it’s being driven by partisan interests, it doesn’t matter what you come up with.”

January 14, 2023: Survey on citizens’ assemblies going out to all Yukoners aged 16 and up

“At a virtual hearing on April 22, 2022, two representatives from Fair Vote Yukon, a self-described non-partisan citizen’s movement, had asked legislators for a citizens’ assembly on electoral reform. During a hearing in Whitehorse on Sept. 7, 2022, several attendees called for some form of a citizens’ assembly to deal with the question of electoral reform instead of the committee.”

September 10, 2022: Electoral reform probe hears from Yukoners in Whitehorse 

“Another speaker commented on the range of opinions in the room representing the diversity of the makeup of the territory. Several attendees called for some form of a citizens’ assembly to deal with the question of electoral reform instead of the committee.”

April 30, 2021: Many measures outlined in parties accord

“The Fair Vote Yukon group also congratulated the Liberals and NDP for signing “an historic Confidence and Supply Agreement with a commitment to a Legislative Assembly Special Committee on Electoral Reform.”

April 20, 2021: What is electoral reform and why are Yukoners talking about it?

“In the most recent territorial election, the Yukon Party won the popular vote with about 39 per cent of votes, but it’s the Liberals — who got 32 per cent of the vote share — who will likely have the first chance to form government.

Meanwhile the NDP, who were not far off from the Liberals in the popular vote at 28 per cent — will hang onto its third-party status with three seats.

This can leave some people feeling like their votes don’t matter.”

April 15, 2021: First-past-the-post fails voters

The Yukon’s election has delivered “a stark lesson in the failings of first-past-the-post system ― and a golden opportunity for action on electoral reform in a minority legislature,” Fair Vote Canada said.