Photo credit: BC Citizens’ Assembly

What is a Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform? 

Yukoners are interested in strengthening our democracy, but we need a non-partisan process we can trust.

Citizens’ assemblies are built on the belief that when given the knowledge, resources and time, citizens can find solutions to complex and challenging issues, including those where politicians have reached an impasse. Hundreds of citizens’ assemblies have been used around the world to tackle tough issues from abortion to climate change.

Participants on a citizens’ assembly are selected like those on a jury, with extra care taken ensure they reflect the people of the Yukon by age, gender, education, ethnicity, and geographic community.

A Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform will:

  • ensure citizens across the Yukon from all walks of life and every community are represented
  • learn from experts
  • reach out across the Yukon to hear from Yukoners
  • help educate Yukoners about the options for electoral reform
  • make a recommendation that Yukoners can trust – one based on evidence, local needs, and free of partisan interest

Learn more about citizens’ assemblies. If you have questions, get in touch at yukon@fairvote.ca.