Fair Vote Yukon is a local, non-partisan citizens’ campaign for proportional representation.

Proportional representation means if a party gets 40% of the vote, they’ll get about 40% of the seats.

A fair system for every voter!

Fair Vote Yukon is not affiliated with the Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. The Citizens’ Assembly is an independent body that will learn from experts, engage with Yukoners, and consider all options for electoral reform.

The Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform is underway!

We have an amazing opportunity now to strengthen democracy in the Yukon.

The Yukon Legislature passed legislation to create a Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. 

A Citizens’ Assembly is a “mini public” convened to study the options, engage Yukoners, and make recommendations. It is independent and non-partisan. 

The citizens are selected like a jury, with steps taken to ensure the Assembly is representative of the Yukon.

This is our Citizens’ Assembly, working on behalf of all Yukoners. 

The Yukon Citizens’ Assembly will look at all options for electoral reform, as well as the option of keeping the status quo.

The Citizens’ Assembly start on May 25, 2024, and will deliver their report by October 31, 2024. They will recommend whether the current voting system should be retained or another model should be adopted. 

The Legislative Assembly has decided that any recommendation for electoral reform must be put to a referendum. 

You can learn more about Fair Vote Yukon, a local, non-partisans citizens’ campaign for proportional representation, on this website.

You can follow the work of the Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on their own website.


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