Electoral reform for the Yukon animal picture

The Yukon Legislature has a Special Committee on Electoral Reformand they are reaching out to ask what Yukoners think they should do!

This is an exciting opportunity. What happens next could depend on us.

First past the post is not serving Yukon voters. Proportional representation is is a fairer way to elect MLAs.

Electoral reform is too important to be left to politicians alone.

Yukon citizens can lead the way, with a Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

We know citizens can lead positive change!

A Yukon Citizens’ Assembly would bring together citizens from every community in the Yukon. They would learn from experts, reach out to Yukoners across the territory, and make a recommendation to the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Learn more about citizens assemblies.


On November 24, 2022, the Special Committee on Electoral Reform released in an interim report. They have asked for an extension so they can consult Yukoners about a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform! This is a very positive development. 

Watch for a survey this winter to all Yukoners asking if you support the creation of a Yukon Citizens’ Assembly!